If you have seen our social media in the last few weeks (and if you are not a follower, find us on FB at (Southern Crossing Animal Hospital) and IG (southerncrossingah) for our reveal) you have seen the big surprise at Southern Crossing Animal Hospital.


What? Moving? Why??

How did we get here?

Many of you know that I purchased Southern Crossing Animal Hospital in 2019. My original plans were to remodel the current facility and give our home base a “refresh”. Discussions began in late 2019 on conceptual design.

Many of you know the old adage “Best made plans…”. Well, as you all remember, COVID became everyone’s reality early in 2020. Immediately, plans for any remodel were put on hold while we managed the pandemic and our responsibility to care for our patients, pet parents and team.

The pandemic brought a completely unexpected set of challenges. We were stretched in unimaginable ways as we continued to stay open and available for our patients. New styles of communication, new rhythms with our patient visits (curbside) and managing the physical and mental health of the team were just a few of our obstacles/ opportunities during this time.

During 2020, we also had a large snow/ice storm that closed our facility for 1 week. The infrastructure of the space revealed (through many ruptured pipes) that there was much needed in the way of restoration.

As the year progressed and we got a better handle on our new rhythms, I became painfully aware of the challenges we would bring to our patients, team, and pet parents if we began a remodel while continuing to practice in the facility. I was told it would be a 12-month project and supply chain issues were inevitable. The scope of the project had also grown as we discovered more and more infrastructure challenges.

All of these developments led to a season of prayer, meditation and seeking counsel from folks who love Southern Crossing. Out of this time, I was led to look for other spaces in the area for our new home. As I began to search, an opportunity became available to relocate Southern Crossing Animal Hospital NEXT DOOR! What? Next door? Yes!!


Please help me celebrate our new location at 614 Minor Street. This is the retail space just south of our current hospital. Our move will literally be 30 yards from our back yard!!

Our build out process began the 3rd week of May and we can’t wait to bring you along on our journey! We plan to take photos as we make progress and post them to our social media. Future blog posts will also keep you current with our progress.


We hope to be in our new facility by the end of 2022 or at the latest by the beginning of 2023. As we all know, the pandemic has changed how the construction world works and we are learning a new level of patience as we take this journey!


Finally, I want to address my “why”. Why a new facility for Southern Crossing?
Throughout this blog I have explained a few of our obstacles with our current facility. However, my main reason revolves around the mission and core values of Southern Crossing. At Southern Crossing Animal Hospital excellence in compassionate patient care and exceptional customer service are our DNA. In order to provide the level of care for our patients and pet parents, a new facility that offers separate receptions areas for dogs and cats, separate exam rooms for dogs and cats, and a separate kennel facility for dogs and cats are just a few reasons. Design of our new facility was meticulously considered with you and your furry family member in mind. The second reason revolves around our team. As efficiencies are built into the new design, our team’s ability to better care for your family member will be improved. And with this improvement, the stress levels and overall mental health of our team will also benefit. As you probably already know, our team loves our patients and wants only the best for them! All in all, it’s a win/win.

We are super excited to reveal this news! Stay tuned for more updates as we make progress in our new space.

We can’t wait to be in 614 Minor and say “Welcome Home”!

Dr. Carondelet Nollner DVM DABVP
Owner, Southern Crossing Animal Hospital