How to Prevent Halloween Horrors for Your Pet

Halloween will likely look a bit different in your neighborhood this year, but curious pets will still find opportunities to fall for a trick and miss out on a treat. When any holiday, including Halloween, approaches, pets are intrigued by the visiting friends and family members, unusual decorations, bright lights, strange sounds, and tantalizing treats. [...]

Managing Your Pet’s Pain: What are the Options?

As a pet owner, watching your pet experience pain can be difficult. Whether they are dealing with a broken toenail, chronic arthritis, or recovery from surgery, pets suffer pain in many different ways. But, thanks to modern veterinary advancements, many pets are feeling better and healing faster with excellent pain control. Depending on your pet’s [...]

Get to Know Our Team: Brandi Prior and Brittney Stoner

When you bring your beloved companion to Southern Crossing Animal Hospital, we consider you part of our family. We enjoy our close-knit bond with our clients and patients, and want you to feel at home when you step through our doors. When we take the time to chat, we hope you understand that you’re more [...]

The Aha Moment – When Your Practice is AAHA-Accredited

A veterinarian generally goes to school for four years of undergraduate college studies, and another four years of veterinary school. Some veterinarians further build their skills by pursuing an internship and a residency. A veterinarian who is finally ready to start clinical practice likely looks for a veterinary hospital known to practice the highest quality [...]

Safe Summer Adventures With Your Pet

Let’s go on a summer adventure together, and our Southern Crossing Animal Hospital team will point out safety tips along the way. How about a hike?  Never leave your dog in the car You wake up on a beautiful, warm June morning, and decide to go hiking with your dog. What fun! First, what should [...]

Does Your Pet Have Cancer? 10 Signs of Cancer in Cats and Dogs

Each year, millions of cats and dogs receive a cancer diagnosis. While dogs develop cancer at about roughly the same rate as people, less is known about the cancer rate in cats, but each and every diagnosis is devastating to the pet owner. To help pets live longer after a cancer diagnosis, with a better [...]

Finding Your Pet’s Inner Zen with Fear Free Veterinary Care

Every single veterinary professional became part of this profession because of an overwhelming desire to help animals. Unfortunately, many procedures we perform, such as blood draws, nail trims, and vaccinations, can be unsettling or uncomfortable for pets. As people who are dedicated to promoting animal welfare—physical, mental, and emotional—the Southern Crossing Animal Hospital team strives [...]

Understanding COVID-19 and How Coronavirus Affects Pets and Families

The current coronavirus pandemic is scary. We want to ensure you have all the information you need to keep yourself and your pets healthy during this crisis. Read our story of the Coronavirus family, to explain, and help your understanding, of this crisis.  Coronavirus: A family history Think of the term “coronavirus” as a person’s [...]

Food and Heart Disease in Pets: What’s the Correlation

Over the past couple of years, there has been much discussion around the link between certain foods—particularly grain-free diets—and heart disease in pets. In June 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration updated its investigation into this link, with results indicating a staggering increase in a form of heart disease in dogs eating particular diets. [...]

7 Resolutions to Keep Your Pet Healthy in 2020

With a new year—and decade—it is time for fresh beginnings. Many people are optimistic that they will make changes for the better this year. When making resolutions for a happier, healthier you, keep your furry friend in mind. Here are our seven top resolutions that will ensure your four-legged friend is her happiest, healthiest self [...]

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