Welcome to our NEW HOME

We made it!! What an amazing journey we have made in the last 18 months at Southern Crossing Animal Hospital. Each step of the way brought challenges and great opportunities to have an incredible veterinary home for the pets and pet parents of Southern Crossing. So, now that we have made it to our new [...]

Are all Dental Cleanings Created Equal?

As Southern Crossing Animal Hospital begins to celebrate National Dental Month, we wanted to take this opportunity to answer commonly asked questions regarding the dentistry needs of your pets. We place a very high priority on oral health in our patients. Science has now confirmed that many diseases that impact the total health and well-being [...]

Cancer Awareness: Does my Pet have cancer?

There are fewer words that strike fear in the heart of pet parents than the word cancer. Many of us have journeyed through cancer with our beloved pets and their human counterparts. Each year, millions of pets are diagnosed with cancer. Early detection is critical in helping our pets live longer lives and have [...]


If you have seen our social media in the last few weeks (and if you are not a follower, find us on FB at (Southern Crossing Animal Hospital) and IG (southerncrossingah) for our reveal) you have seen the big surprise at Southern Crossing Animal Hospital. WE ARE MOVING!!! What? Moving? Why?? How did we get [...]

SCAH Staff Spotlight

China Anderson and Brianna Hubbard-Ramos Our mission at Southern Crossing Animal Hospital is to provide excellent compassionate care to our patients and their parents and to provide an environment where our team can flourish. We want you to feel like you are family when you walk through our doors. Because of this mission, we [...]

National Dental Month Is Here!!

February is celebrated as National Dental Month in the veterinary world. Our purpose is a to shed light on a common disease found in cats and dogs and to educate pet parents on good oral care. The following tips are helpful in identifying your pet’s need for dental care and how Southern Crossing Animal Hospital [...]

Continuing Education on Horseback

Happy New year Everyone! I cannot believe we are already in 2022. I thought I would share one of my favorite personal and professional experiences from last year. Like most other professions, veterinarians are required to obtain a certain amount of continuing education hours every year. We took oaths to be lifelong learners to provide [...]

When Saying Good-bye is hard……

I will never forget the day Gigi came to live with us. She spent her entire puppy life on a Texas greyhound farm and her young adult life on a race track. She was a beautiful brindle greyhound that was not very gifted in her craft. As a result, she was retired at the age [...]

SCAH Staff Spotlight: Stephanie Shelton and Melissa Mabry

Each day, the team at Southern Crossing Animal Hospital brings their “A” game for your pet. Our mission to practice with excellence and to care for your pet with compassion is a role we take very seriously. Each day brings new challenges and new opportunities to enhance the quality of life of your furry [...]


As we approach summer, special considerations need to be taken for our furry friends. The summer months bring travel, increased environmental temperatures, and external parasites. The following tips will keep your pet safe and allow everyone to have an enjoyable summer. TIP #1 TRAVEL Summer months typically involve more travel for pet parents. If you [...]

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