Our practice has been serving our community’s pets and their owners for a long time, since the hospital was named Mount Whittington Veterinary Clinic, and later, Greene Animal Hospital. Now, we are planning another name change—to Southern Crossing Animal Hospital. You may wonder why we’re completely rebranding our hospital, and what else may be changing. Rest assured, no matter our name, your beloved companion will still receive the same excellent quality of care and compassion. 

Who was Dr. Greene and how did he build this practice?

After graduating with his DVM degree from Texas A&M in the late 1960s, Dr. Cullum Greene moved to Memphis to practice veterinary medicine. Dr. Greene became a practice owner early in his career in the 1970s when he purchased Mount Whittington Veterinary Clinic, which he subsequently renamed Greene Animal Hospital. Throughout his 30-odd years of practice, Dr. Greene became a community staple, using his remarkable veterinary skills to tirelessly care for and heal the sick and injured pets. Because of his kindness, compassion, and dedication, he spent many long, sleepless nights in Exam Room three, the former surgery suite and recovery area. A desire to provide 24/7 quality care—and a desire for sleep—led him to team up with some local veterinarians to create The Animal Emergency Center on Summer Avenue.   

Building on his continual quest for veterinary brilliance, Dr. Greene pushed to become one of the first Memphis hospitals accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). AAHA is at the forefront of advancing veterinary medicine and surgery, and we’ve been sticklers since 1987 in maintaining accreditation granted by AAHA. Although Dr. Greene has been retired for 20 years, many pet owners who still come into our hospital remember him, and his kindness, generosity, and adherence to veterinary greatness.

Why are we changing our name?

Although Greene Animal Hospital has been a Memphis community cornerstone for decades, we’ve decided to update the practice, but still focus on the same quality of care we’ve always given to neighborhood pets. In March 2019, Dr. Carondelet Nollner purchased the hospital after 20 years of dedicated veterinary service at Greene. When Dr. Nollner joined the practice in 1999, she had the privilege of working with Dr. Greene, and his community values, clinical-practice excellence, vision to advance veterinary medicine and patient care, compassion for pets and pet owners, and his strong faith profoundly impacted Dr. Nollner, who now reveres Dr. Greene and his legacy of exceptional pet care. She is excited to build on this foundation and begin a new chapter for the hospital. 

What changes can pet owners expect at Southern Crossing Animal Hospital?

In addition to the name change, Southern Crossing Animal Hospital is undergoing exciting facility renovations. In 2020, we plan to update and renovate the hospital for a more efficient layout and modern amenities. We have also upgraded our technology with a new, fresh-looking website that is easier to navigate. Keep your eyes open for our new changes—we are excited to see what 2020 brings.

What can pet owners expect to stay the same at Southern Crossing Animal Hospital?

Although our hospital’s name and physical features are changing, many details you know and love will remain the same. You’ll still walk into our hospital and be greeted by the same familiar team members, eager to provide top-notch care for your furry family member. We will still strive to uphold Dr. Greene’s legacy by continuing to grow and learn every day to provide the best veterinary care for your beloved pet. Our mission will remain the same—to provide compassionate, excellent patient care and customer service, to enhance the human-animal bond, and to create an environment in which our team can flourish. 

Thank you for being part of our family for so many years, and we look forward to growing with you. For all your pet-care needs, give us a call—we’ll always be here.