When you bring your beloved companion to Southern Crossing Animal Hospital, we consider you part of our family. We enjoy our close-knit bond with our clients and patients, and want you to feel at home when you step through our doors. When we take the time to chat, we hope you understand that you’re more than a client to us—you’re family. To help welcome you into the fold, we’d like to introduce two team members, and share some tidbits about their lives. Here, we shine the spotlight on Brandi Prior, lead veterinary assistant and floor coordinator, and Brittney Stoner-Meadows, lead client service representative. 

Meet Brandi Prior

Brandi started in veterinary medicine as a kennel attendant in a large boarding facility attached to a veterinary hospital. After gaining experience there, she moved on to Southern Crossing Animal Hospital as a kennel assistant. During her career at our hospital, she has been cross-trained as a veterinary assistant, and worked in that position for several years, but has since moved up to lead veterinary assistant and floor coordinator. She has also been cross-trained as a client service representative, and can perform every hospital task, making her an especially valuable team member. 

Devoted to senior pet care and pain management, Brandi’s mission is to provide quality pain management for her patients, especially as they age, and struggle with aches and pains. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with pet owners, helping them understand their pet’s disease process, and guiding them on providing their pets with the best possible care. Brandi also values staff training, and enjoys coaching her team. As the floor coordinator, she is in charge of team training, and designing protocols that deliver excellent, compassionate veterinary care and customer service. With her years of experience working in a local emergency hospital, and coaching our team, Brandi is a wonderful asset to our Southern Crossing Animal Hospital family. 

Meet Brittney Stoner-Meadows

After 15 years as a dental surgical assistant, Brittney knew she needed a career change, but was not sure where her future lay. Then, her path became clear last year during her pet’s appointment at Southern Crossing Animal Hospital. While she chatted about studying for her degree in healthcare leadership, our Dr. Nollner brought up the need to supplement our hospital’s team, and explained her team vision. That’s when Brittney knew how she could best use her degree—to help lead and be part of a veterinary team, because they have the most unique place in medicine. Excited to help Southern Crossing Animal Hospital grow to its fullest potential, Brittney is an incredible addition to our team. Her five-year goals include finishing her degree in healthcare leadership, with a minor in sociology, and completing a veterinary practice management program. She’d also like to finish remodeling her home with her wife, who has been by her side for 10 years, and is pursuing her Master’s degree in geotechnical engineering. 

Who said what? A guessing game

After learning a bit about Brandi and Brittney, let’s play a game, to better get to know these two important team members, and to test your memory. See if you can remember, or guess, which team member is the correct answer to each question. 

Question: Who was originally from Dallas, Texas?

Answer: Brandi hails from Dallas and is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. 

Q: Which team member shares her home with the most dogs?

A: Brittney has three rambunctious dogs, while Brandi has two wild pups.

Q: Who is a dog person more than a cat person?

A: Trick question! While both species have a special place in Brittney’s heart, she leans toward Team Dog. There’s no question in Brandi’s mind—she is fully on Team Dog.

Q: Which team member is a cheese connoisseur?

A: In addition to loving medium-rare filet mignon, Brandi is a cheese connoisseur.

Q: Who’s biggest fear is large spiders?

A: Brandi is deathly afraid of spiders.

Q: Who was a dental surgical assistant before joining the Southern Crossing Animal Hospital team?

A: Brittney was a dental surgical assistant for 15 years before joining our family.

Q: Which team member loves comedy movies?

A: Brittney is a huge fan of comedies, and also enjoys inspirational movies.

Q: Whose favorite hobby is remodeling older homes?

A: Currently on her third home, built in 1948, Brittney has remodeled homes from 1912 and 1920.

Q: Who’s bucket list includes a vacation in Hawaii?

A: Besides wanting to learn to speak Spanish, Brandi wants to eventually take a vacation to exotic Hawaii.

Now that you know more about two of our team members, we hope you feel more a part of our family. The next time you stop in for your furry pal’s appointment, you can discuss home remodeling with Brittney, or talk cheese with Brandi.