Each day, the team at Southern Crossing Animal Hospital brings their “A” game for your pet. Our mission to practice with excellence and to care for your pet with compassion is a role we take very seriously. Each day brings new challenges and new opportunities to enhance the quality of life of your furry family members.

So, we are thrilled to introduce you to 2 of our rockstar team members that you will grow to love (if not already). We hope you enjoy getting to know our Client Service Representative, Stephanie Shelton and Veterinary Assistant, Melissa Mabry.

Meet Stephanie

If any of you have had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie, it is no surprise that she hails from Dickson, TN although Marion, Arkansas is now called home. Her southern charm evidenced by her southern salutation is the first greeting our pet parents hear. Her warm welcome and phone “smile” are immediately evident when you call our hospital.

Stephanie joined Southern Crossing Animal Hospital in December 2019. She loves making pet parents feel like family and goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is “ok”. Her super power is her customer service skills. She truly loves her Southern Crossing family and making all of the pet parents feel like they are part of our family as well.

Meet Melissa

If you have been in our exam rooms with your pet, it is likely that you have met our next rockstar, Melissa. Melissa is one of our amazing Veterinary Assistants. She is a Memphis native that realized at age 15 she wanted to be a part of caring for animals. Melissa loves being a bridge between the owner and pet and works to enhance the human animal bond by helping in the healing process. She enjoys being the “voice” of the pet as she assists the veterinarians and explains disease processes and preventative measures to pet parents. Melissa began her career at Southern Crossing in 2016 after returning home from school at Mississippi State University (Hail State!). Her super power is staying calm in the midst of crazy days and being our inventory ninja!

Which Team Member?

Now that you have been introduced to Stephanie and Melissa, let’s get to know them a bit better!

Who is a Mom to 5 and Grandmother to 3?
Stephanie has an awesome hubby, Duane and 5 children, Vance, Raygan, Kamryn, Logan, Maeson and 3 grandchildren Brycen, Zoey and Emberlynn.

Who is deathly afraid of needles?
Melissa! She claims to be the biggest cry baby when it comes to needles. She also claims that if she were a dog or cat, she would have a “will bite” sticker on her chart because she would share her teeth with her doctor if possible

Favorite hobbies?
Stephanie: gardening
Melissa: traveling/watching TV

Who craves Veggies and Ice Cream as their favorite foods?
Melissa! And she will eat them together

Which of these women loves motorcycle riding?
Stephanie! She also loves riding horses.

Which one is a former ice skater?
Melissa loves to take to the ice when given the opportunity

If given a spa day or camping trip, which did these ladies choose?
Both chose camping! These girls love the outdoors!

Who has the most fur babies?
Stephanie takes this award with 4 dogs and 2 cats. Melissa’s canine fur baby, Bella, is her best friend!

Bucket list items?
Stephanie: travel to Alaska
Melissa: travel to a far-away place once a year and learn more about her career

Whose second career goal was working at NASA?
Melissa! She is very tech savvy and and is also a good artist

Whose biggest fears are sharks and grasshoppers?
Stephanie She is not a fan of Shark Week!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know these 2 superstars at Southern Crossing Animal Hospital. These ladies are always ready and available to help your pet receive the best veterinary care possible. We hope to see you soon!