China Anderson and Brianna Hubbard-Ramos

Our mission at Southern Crossing Animal Hospital is to provide excellent compassionate care to our patients and their parents and to provide an environment where our team can flourish. We want you to feel like you are family when you walk through our doors. Because of this mission, we want you to get to know the team that cares for your furry family members. This month we are featuring two of our rock stars, China Anderson and Brianna Hubbard-Ramos (or Bri as we know her). They are part of the “secret sauce” that fuels our efforts to provide specialized care for your pets each day.

Meet Brianna (Bri)

Brianna started in veterinary medicine at Southern Crossing as a Kennel assistant. Before starting at Southern Crossing, she worked at a doggie daycare/boarding facility. Because of her deep love for animals and her desire to care for them in a more robust way, she made the leap to work in a veterinary facility. Since coming to Southern Crossing, she has advanced to Veterinary Assistant. Many of you have met her in exam rooms as she assists the doctors, pets and their parents.

Brianna has strong family roots as a child of a Navy Chief and a Child Development Specialist. Being a child of a naval officer offered her opportunities to move around a lot and experience an adventurous life. Animals were always a part of her childhood. Bri derives much of her joy from animals and the privilege of making their lives better through her work. SCAH considers it a privilege to have Bri on our team.

Meet China

China started her career in veterinary medicine as a kennel attendant as well, but she has since flourished as a receptionist at Southern Crossing Animal Hospital. Many of you have heard her welcoming and “chipper” voice as you were greeted on the phone or in our lobby. China began working for SCAH as a Customer Service Representative in 2021. If you have known China for any length of time, you realize she never meets a stranger. Her enthusiastic personality and her desire to build relationships with our pet parents is what makes China such a great part of our team. Although China loves working with our pet parents, she is also training to work as a veterinary assistant. Her desire is to combine her love for animals and people in caring for both. SCAH is very blessed to have China on our team.

So, let’s get to know our team members Bri and China!

Now that you have learned a bit about our team members, Bri and China, see if you can guess which one is the correct answer for each!

Who was born in Hawaii?

The answer is Bri. Being a daughter of a Naval officer, Bri lived in many places as a child including the Island of Hawaii!

Who has 4 given names?

The answer is China. China’s full name is China Le Ashley Charnea Anderson. Aren’t her names beautiful?

Who braved a snowstorm for her first interview with Southern Crossing?

The answer is China. As you can imagine, we were impressed that weather did not hamper her desire to work at SCAH. She is the first one to arrive each morning. Rain, sleet, snow or hail will not stop her from coming to Southern Crossing to take care of pets and parents.

Who’s hobby is gaming?

Bri is a very enthusiastic gamer. She enjoys playing video games with her boyfriend, family and friends in her free time.

If you had to choose between a spa weekend or camping weekend, what would you choose?

Bri and China will be found at the spa….hands down!

Who is terrified of cockroaches?

If you want to hear Bri squeal, just place a cockroach in her path!

Which one shares a home with a cat?

Well that is easy, they both do. Bri’s cat is Scythor and China’s cat is Chilee. China also has 2 dogs names North and Sushi.

Who’s favorite food is street tacos?

Bri. She loves all things Mexican food!

Who is afraid of heights?

The answer is China. Oddly enough, one of her favorite past times is riding huge carnival rides at the fair!

Who loves to kayak at Shelby Farms?

China is our kayaker! She loves going with her fiancé, Brandon. She also has horseback riding at Shelby Farms as her next adventure!

Now that you know our team members a bit better, we hope you will feel more a part of our family. Next time you come in for your appointment with your furry family member, make sure you talk all things kayaking with China and street tacos with Bri!