We consider it an honor to care for each pet and pet parent that walks through the door of Southern Crossing Animal Hospital. After all, you are part of our family. And like family, we all have a story to tell. This month we would like to let you in “behind the scenes” to get to know our family. Have you ever wondered what the Southern Crossing veterinarians are really like? How did they become interested in this career? Do they have pets at home? What movies do they like? Well, wait no further. This month we will spotlight the two veterinarians that lead our team daily with commitment and compassionate care. Please welcome to the family table Dr. Carondelet Nollner and Dr. Ashleigh White.

Meet Dr. Carondelet Nollner

Dr. Nollner graduated from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1988. Following her graduation, she performed a 14-month internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Hollywood Animal Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. After her internship, she practiced in Mississippi and central Texas before coming to Memphis in 1997. She joined Southern Crossing Animal Hospital in March 1999.

Dr. Nollner has been a diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, board certified in canine and feline clinical practice since 1995. Her areas of interest are surgery, pain management, hospice care, ultrasound, and dentistry. She also earned her Fear Free Certification in 2017 which focuses on gentle handling techniques for all patients to reduce their fear, anxiety and stress during veterinary visits.

Dr. Nollner’s family includes her husband, Mike, 4 adult children, a daughter and son-in-law and 4 grandchildren. Her 3 furry children include Roxanne the Beagle Mix and Layla the Terrier Mix, and Naomi (Little Bit) the 3-legged kitty. In her free time, Dr. Nollner enjoys spending time with her family and friends, summer trips to the Haven Orphanage in Kenya, and any kind of exercise.

Meet Dr. Ashleigh White

Dr. Ashleigh White hails from Madison, Mississippi. Growing up she spent her time riding and showing horses, which led to a job assisting with teaching riding lessons. After graduation from Madison Ridgeland Academy, she attended Mississippi State University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Animal and Dairy Sciences. From there, she spent four years at the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2016. She joined the Southern Crossing Animal Hospital family in May of 2018. Her passion in veterinary medicine is educating about the importance of preventative care as well as advancing in the skill of ultrasonography. Outside of veterinary medicine, Dr. White enjoys fitness related activities, traveling and spending time with her husband, Daniel.

Which Doctor?

Now that you have been given a “formal introduction” let’s see if you can guess some facts about this dynamic duo.

Question: Which veterinarian has the most pets in her home?
This award goes to Dr. White. She shares her home with her 4 dogs and 2 cats. Auggie the Labrador, Bitty the Yorkie mix, Oscar the Chihuahau and Daisy the Shepherd/Healer mix. Tigger and TL occupy the cat space and are 2 brothers she has shared life with since they were 4 weeks of age.

Question: Which veterinarian had over 30 cats as a child?
Dr. Nollner grew up in a very rural community in Mississippi. She declared at the age of 9 she wanted to be a veterinarian and loved caring for her outdoor cats. Stray cats seemed to find their way to her home. Her parents’ rules were she could have as many “outside” cats as she wanted….and so she did.

Question: Which one is an avid golfer?
Dr. White loves golf and plays as often as her busy life allows!

Question: Which veterinarian was quoted saying “I try to speak for the animals and give them a voice so owners can make the best decisions for their pets.”
Dr. White is passionate about giving her patients a “voice” by being their medical advocate.

Question: Which veterinarian had teachers for parents?
Dr. Nollner’s parents were community college instructors for over 30 years and gave her a great love for learning.

Question: Which veterinarian considered practicing large animal medicine and has a love for cows?
Dr. White is a cow and horse lover! She taught riding lessons when growing up in Madison.

Question: Which veterinarian practiced on ostriches and emus in Central Texas?
Dr. Nollner spent 6 years in Central Texas in a mixed animal practice. Although she primarily worked with dogs and cats, she had the occasional ostrich and emu to care for.

Question: Which veterinarian likes to curl up to a good Disney movie (and can sing along with most Disney movie songs)?
Dr. White…hands down!

Question: Whose bucket list includes seeing whales in Hawaii!
This is a trip on Dr. White’s list!

Question: Who fulfilled a bucket list item by going on safari in Africa?
Dr. Nollner has had a love for giraffes her entire life. When visiting the Haven Orphanage in Kenya, she had the fortune to go on safari and spend time in the wild with the twigas (Swahili for giraffe).

Question: Who considers Dolly Parton one of her heroes?
Dr. White is a big Dolly fan and recently saw her perform in Nashville.

Question: Who likes to hang out 70 feet below sea level with the fishes?
Dr. Nollner became Scuba certified in 2018.

We hope you feel more a part of our Southern Crossing family as you got to know Dr. White and Dr. Nollner a bit better. And always remember, we are here for your family pet’s needs.