We made it!! What an amazing journey we have made in the last 18 months at Southern Crossing Animal Hospital. Each step of the way brought challenges and great opportunities to have an incredible veterinary home for the pets and pet parents of Southern Crossing. So, now that we have made it to our new home, lets highlight some of the features we built especially for our furry family!

1. Fear Free and American Animal Hospital Association Design

We are aware bringing your pet to the veterinary hospital can be fearful for the pet and pet parent. Our design of the hospital, from the soothing neutral colors to the spacious waiting area to the exam rooms and our Intensive Care Unit had you and your pet in mind. Each element of the design asked the question: Will this allow our patients to have the calmest experience in our facility?

We also designed with our certification in mind. Southern Crossing Animal Hospital has enjoyed 36 years of accreditation with the American Animal Hospital Association. This accreditation means that we have met and maintained over 900 hospital standards of care in our hospital. AAHA accredited hospitals provide the highest level of care through their facility, patient care and hospital operating procedures.

2. Separate waiting area spaces for dogs and cats

Although Fluffy the cat and Sally the Labrador want to be friends, many times coming to a veterinary hospital can be a source of anxiety for both dogs and cats. To help aid in a more fear free experience, we have designed separate spaces for cats and dogs in our waiting area. Whether it be a specially designed waiting room or cat and dog specific exam rooms, at Southern Crossing we have designed with your pet in mind!

3. Exam rooms with interior windows

Parting from your beloved pet when they leave the exam room for a procedure can be frightening. We have designed the exam rooms to have interior windows so pet parents will have the ability to see their fur baby come and go.

4. Intensive Care Unit/Post-operative Recovery Center

Hospitalized pets and pets recovering from anesthesia and surgery have specific specialized needs. We have designed an Intensive Care Unit that provides a quiet environment in a centralized location in our hospital. This unit has a sliding glass door so our nurses can always have their eyes and ears on your babies.

5. Indoor large kennel spaces

Pets that are boarding or large dogs that need hospitalization need ample space for comfort, relaxation and healing. Our new kennel area provides 3×6 and 4×6 ultrabase state of the art kennels for your pets.

6. Separate cat boarding room

Boarding or hospitalization for our feline friends can be a bit overwhelming. We have designed a room specifically for our cats so they can enjoy “kitty camp” without the frightening noises of a veterinary hospital. We even gave them a separate HVAC system from the dog kennel so barking dog noises will not travel!

7. Outdoor yard area

In a retail lease space, it is difficult to have a dog yard. But have no fear, we have a 400 square foot fenced space with artificial turf for our canine friends to get plenty of exercise. The space is secure with an 8-foot fence and provides a nice place for them to stretch their legs and go potty!

8. Comfort room

Saying good-bye to our furry family members can be the hardest decision we make. When an end-of-life decision is appropriate, we have designed a comfort room that has more privacy and less “sterile hospital feel” to it. Our desire is to give you and your pet a more comforting space to say good-bye.

We are very excited to share our new veterinary home with you! Stay tuned for more details on our open house on May 13, 2023. We will discuss more details through emails, website and through social media! We will have prizes, food (human and doggie/kitty), and tours available! Come celebrate with your Southern Crossing family!